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Three Slot Myths To Dump

You like to play Slots. You probably have some slot myths that influence how you play. They are common among slot players. Today I will bust three myths about slot machines. These are three myths about slot machines that aren’t true. Get out of your chair and start playing.

Slot Myth One: Cold Change Doesn’t Make a Difference

There are many fun myths about Las Vegas slot machines. One of the most popular myths about slot machines in Las Vegas is that you can track your device into paying more if your change is put in the freezer first.

Yes, it is possible to freeze your quarters. It doesn’t work. Your outcome will not be affected by the temperature of your coin because it does not have a temperature checker. This myth makes for interesting conversation, but it’s false. It’s false.

Slot Myth Two – Bang it Like An Ape to Win More Money

Did you know that your slot machine will pay more if you beat a little while playing? You’re not beating up a poor slot machine. The components of your slot machine are safe and have no emotions. You may even get a bruise if thrown out of the casino.

This slot myth has been busted. Your result will remain the same regardless of how many times you hit your machine. You might find it more enjoyable.

Slot Myth Three: I’m a loser. You know I’ve been losing for hours on end.

You’re at the slot machine, losing your money for hours, waiting for a big win. Why? Because it knows that you have put in $800 over three hours and is about to hit the big, really big.

Nope. No. Your slot machine was created without any memory. It doesn’t care if you’ve lost $800 in 3 hours or if you’re not the same person who has been playing since its creation.

The mathematical calculations and random events that go into slot machines are the basis of their operation. If you ask it, it can’t tell you how much money has been won or lost. It’s as likely to give you two jackpots at once to take money from your account for years.

Your slot machine can be described as a goldfish. It does not remember any personal data. This myth has been busted.