The state of Arkansas is a Southern state with a population of nearly 3 million. Arkansas’ capital city is Little Rock, where one of Arkansas’ casinos is located. The state of Arkansas is the only U.S. state with an official pronunciation (ar-kan-SAW), and the only state where diamonds are found naturally. There are not a large number of Arkansas casinos, but visitors to Arkansas can find gambling action in several places situated around the state.

One popular Arkansas casino is Cherokee Casino in Siloam Springs. This 50,000 square foot casino is open 24 hours a day and features a restaurant and a bar with live music. This Arkansas casino boasts 813 electronic gaming machines and over 40 tables for card games, roulette, craps and more–including 19 poker tables. One interesting feature of Cherokee Casino is that they offer poker games that are played against other players rather than the house. Cherokee Casino is an Arkansas casino worth checking out.

Another Arkansas casino, located in Holiday Island, is Spinzz Casino. This Arkansas casino was closed down because of gambling law disputes but has recently reopened for business. Guests visiting Spinzz Casino can stay at the nearby Spinzz Casino Hotel to be close to the action.

Though there are not many Arkansas casinos, there is a town with a rich casino history, which also happens to be former President Clinton’s boyhood hometown. Hot Springs, Arkansas, in addition to being celebrated for its naturally 140-degree mineral springs, was one of America’s original “sin cities.” The town was a meeting place for gangsters, but instead of shoot-outs and showdowns, crime families such as the Nittis and the Capones would come to Hot Springs to sit down and talk. Historic Arkansas casinos were rampant in Hot Springs, and despite their “illegal” designation, residents of the town insisted that the casinos were good for business. At its peak, Hot Springs served as a Mecca for gambling and tourists flocked to the colorful Arkansas casinos lining its streets.

Today there are fewer choices for Arkansas casinos. However, gamblers looking for great casino action can visit the exciting Cherokee Casino or the centrally located Spinzz Casino. Of course, online Arkansas casinos are always a great option for anyone! Despite limited availability, Arkansas casinos have a long and rich history and should not be overlooked by casino aficionados and casual gamblers. Visit an Arkansas casino today!

Irish Luck Slots

There’s nothing like having the Irish Luck on your side. This slot machine, from Australian company Eyecon, is filled with magical creatures and buckets full of gold.

This game, which has the word “Irish” in its title, is heavily influenced by the myths surrounding cheeky leprechauns. The game is presented with a 5-reel and 25-pay line layout, which brings the Irish joy in an easy-to-navigate game.

This fairytale for adults will capture your imagination with its unique features and two scatter symbols.

The Forest: A Delightful Experience

It can be hard to differentiate between Irish-themed games due to the themes’ popularity. Irish Luck transforms the concept into an attractively packaged, well-personalized design that transports you to romantic Ireland.

The icons displayed here, which use the outdoors as their host, are an eclectic mixture of all the things we have come to expect regarding Irish charm—the surrounding forest houses various icons, including four-leaf clovers and pints. There are also castles and Irish lettering.

This slot machine has a unique design, unlike other devices with the same theme and name. The tiles, although 2D, have a 3D look that brings the mysterious scenery to life. The game is very bright and vivid, so it could be better for those who prefer a retro, traditional feel. Who can deny the joy of frolicking under a rainbow-filled sky?

Packing for an Adventure

Starting a new journey may cost a lot of pennies. But with Luck on your side, you only need to bet 1p to begin on the path that leads to that non-progressive prize.

Change bet and change line buttons are available to input the information once you’ve determined how much you want per line and the number of lines you wish to include. Users can make the process easier by clicking max bet to proceed toward the gold-colored rainbow.

You can manually or automatically spin the round before pressing the spin widget. This gives you greater control when you are on the go.

Keep your eyes on the prize

The two scatter symbols are the only ones that matter. Your guides on this magical ride are the two scatter symbols (what a mouthful!)

You can enter the Prize Pick by finding that flame-haired chap in green. You can choose a tree trunk to reveal your prize if you find more than three leprechauns on any 5-reel. You can win more tips the more leprechauns that you discover hidden in the foliage. One of these rewards is ten free games.

The pink-haired pixie in your neighborhood will give you access to another scatter bonus, the Match and Win, which can yield substantial rewards. Customers will be given 12 clovers to match to earn credits. You can win coins or money depending on your Luck.

The scatter symbols are entertaining enough, but the four-leaf clover wild will double your pot of gold. It will change all characters except the scatters and pay twice as much when it is part of a winning combo.

You’ll find this game to be more than just an adventure. It’s not for timid adventurers. If you want to experience more, you can gamble your winnings to double or lose them. The choice is yours, whether you choose the fairy or leprechaun.

You can now own your very own pot of gold

It’s hard to find magic and even more challenging for people to hold onto it. So when you come across something so fulfilling as Irish Luck, it is best to hang on to it. Eyecon created a slot unique to its brand by taking a tired, old theme. The game’s graphics have been matched with the gameplay to create a near-perfect medium variance slot. It’s not the best, but one of the most enjoyable.