So you’re looking for a new experience in online slots? We are always looking for new casino slots and recommend many games. We were very impressed with the Microgaming game Piggy Fortunes.

You probably want to avoid the same old casino slots with the same tired concepts and themes. We feel that Microgaming has hit a chord with Piggy Fortunes. It stands out as a fresh and original game.

Piggy Riches is a new game, and it’s “at the moment.” We recommend that any player who wants to try a brand-new and “in-the-moment” game take our word for it and give it a go.

Farm life

The story of Piggy Fortunes is a classic tale that has been brought to life. You ask, “What story?”This game focuses on the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. The atmosphere and theme of this slot game bring the storybook to life. The reels and background are redwood, similar to what would be found in a barn. The symbols in this casino slot are also very impressive, with the J, Q, and K each having unique details such as a staff or crown.

One door to another

If you look a bit closer at the game’s design, you will also notice three houses that are very important to the overall theme of the casino slot. The houses are a wooden house, a straw-roofed house, and a brick-roofed home. The three little pigs, the big dire Wolf, and other characters are also included in this game. They add to the cheerful disposition of the new Microgaming title.

Find your fortune easily

Piggy Fortunes has a fantastic user interface that adds to the appeal of the entire game. You will enjoy its simplicity and find it easy to use. The user interface is discovered at the bottom of the display. The controls are all arranged in a single row on wooden planks to match the theme. You will see total balance, autoplay, bets winnings, and spin from left to right. It’s that easy.

Stacked and ready to blow

How does Piggy Fortunes compare to other casino slots? It’s pretty good. The competition is blown away. This is a 5-reel niche that has 25 paylines. This gives you a lot of options to win in different ways. In this game, all 25 paylines will always be active. The winning payline will also be highlighted.

The Big Bad Wolf: Embracing it The Big Bad Wolf is wild and will replace himself to complete all active paylines. Three little pigs act as scatter symbols. You will enter the free spins territory if you land three or more. This is where you can win big and play with the houses.

Blowdown these houses

Free spins can be redeemed indefinitely. You can win until the Big Bad Wolf destroys all of the houses. How does it work? The Wolf will destroy all homes in a line of houses that completes a payline if he lands on them. The multiplier will vary from 2x up to 4x depending on the house. The game ends when he destroys all the places, but the pigs rebuild one random house if three scatters are landed again. This game is advantageous.

Lady Luck shines on Piggy Fortunes. This game is a real industry jewel because it has innovative features in terms of free spins. You can understand why critics have so highly praised the game. Piggy Riches is an excellent game for players looking for something new. It won’t disappoint.

Pirates Paradise Slots

Let’s face it; pirates need more attention in the slot machine industry. This is a huge missed opportunity. Microgaming has been reading minds for some time and has delivered Pirates Paradise – a new online slot game inspired by pirates.

Pirates Paradise has the pirate as its main character, but this does not mean it is a good game. We went on a take to see if the slot was worth its booty.

High Seas Sailing

Pirates Paradise looks excellent from top to bottom. The colors are the most vivid and sharpest you’ll ever see on a Microgaming slot. That alone makes it unique.

It is lovely to see pirates represented in this game. The Caribbean is beautiful; we all know pirates are prevalent there. This game will show three pirates sitting around a bonfire while sharing stories and laughing about their gathered treasures. The sun is smiling at them, and you can see the treasures they’ve collected at their feet. This classic casino slot has a unique character for each pirate. This game has a classic allure that is hidden deep within.

Beware of booby-traps

Pirates Paradise does not follow the crowd when it comes down to symbols. In keeping with their pirate theme, they have created variations of classic characters. Instead of the bar (double bar), we see a palm tree (single palm), a pair, or a group. Instead of cherries, there is a conch shell. The iconic black flag, a treasure chest full of treasure, and other pirate symbols are added. Pirates Paradise is a fantastic game that embraces the pirate theme.

An open water breeze

Pirates Paradise is a breeze to control. Why? It is easy to find everything you need in one place. The user interface is located at the base of the display. The interface has two sides.

You will find the display of the total bet and winnings on the right. The control setup is located next to it. You can adjust your chance by clicking the bet one button, bet maximum, plus or minus buttons, or bet max. The spin button can be located at the bottom of the screen. You will find your total pot on the far left side of the interface.

Pirates Paradise is one of the most accessible slot games to play.

Treasures worth chasing

Pirates Paradise has three reels and a single payline, which shows in the slot. The sound effects are also casino-like. The sound effects of the winnings are folky. You can hear the flute playing a tune as the fire burns.

Uncovering hidden gold

The game has a single payline, but it is still forgiving. You can win with a combination such as a treasure chest, black flags, trees, or just one or two conchs. You do not need to get three symbols in a line in this classic slot to win. If you’re looking to play at the highest stakes possible, you need to use three coins. Three coins can result in a maximum win of 2,500 coins.

From the Plank to a Pirates Paradise

This casino slot brings the pirate theme back into the spotlight. Pirates Paradise was fun, and other players will enjoy it too. This casino slot is an excellent choice for fans of classic casino games. It has all the credentials to be another Microgaming hit!